Friends, The moment the word "AWARD" is mentioned, it gives us all a feeling of excellence, achievement and expertise.

Literary speaking an award is a mark of recognition given in honour of an achievement.

Since, centuries awards and rewards have been a motivating factor in inspiring the movers and shakers, be it in education, games, business or art, awards have been presented to winners worldwide, the gathering of hundreds and thousands at such functions, not only instill a mood of excellence to the awardees, they also bring out more success stories both, locally and internationally .

Our topic for tonite is "Why Accommodation Times National Award is not just an award", so let's analyze and understand why?

The 3 Words: "Accommodation" "Times" and "Awards" have a meaning, a purpose, in the year 1986 Indian builders were beginning to invest in the Real Estate Market in a big way, mass housing and affordable homes were on the agenda, Mumbai, Bangalore and other metros were beaming with new housing projects and announcements, people were waking up to gated communities and skyscrapers and buildings with amenities.


There was a buzz in all circles, investments from the stock market, bullions and of other forms were slowly and slowly getting diverted into real estate.

During those times it was one man who understood the winds of change. It was none other than the founder of Accommodation Times, Shri. Murari Chaturvediji, a true visionary and an excellent judge of the changing times, Murariji, brought out the first of its kind, a full-fledged newspaper, that would report the happenings and news of real estate, construction, it's supported industries, legal advice and Ready Reckoner of Property Rates on Pan India basis all of it in a non-controversial manner.

It had everything that a man could ask for in a real estate newspaper.

The sons of Murariji, Shri. Ajay Chaturvediji and Shri. Sanjay Chaturvediji along with their father's guidance went on to become the game changers of the year 1986, and the Accommodation Times National Awards was born.

I was once told by Ajay Chaturvediji, the CEO of the Accommodation Times, he said that " There are many Award Nights and Many Award Functions, but what makes the Accommodation Times National Awards different is, that it is supported by the real estate industry, MCHI, CREDAI, Builders Association of India and many other Industry based institutions"

That was the time it occurred to me, how true is that! an award when given by the leaders and achievers of the real estate fraternity to the people who have worked to the best of their capabilities within the different areas of the real estate industry, to receive an award annually, makes it more valuable than given by any other commercial and non-industry based forums.

How getting the Accommodation Times Award, makes a tangible difference in one's business and how it helps increase brand value?

The Industry of Real Estate in India since the inception of the Accommodation Times National Awards has grown leaps and bounds, our predecessors would've never in their wildest of imagination thought that a day will come when flats and plots would be sold in crores and more.

India in the 2000 Millennium begun it's journey upwards in all segments of Realty.

Year by Year, the conventional system followed by the builders was replaced by the professional and Corporate style of functioning. The supporting industry too joined in the bandwagon, gone were the days when in a developers office, people could walk in without a prior appointment or a prescheduled meeting, the millennial pattern of working ethics along with social and intra-social work model came into existence.

The change was a welcome one, as the industry flourished, so did the Accommodation Times National Awards, the amalgamation of knowledge series, symposiums and the awards night, was an Instant hit amongst the knowledge starving diaspora of Real Estate fraternity.

Hundreds of folks to witness the gathering of the who's who out of all the leading Builders of India, Eminent Architects, Engineers, Realtors, Social workers and Journalists, the list was endless.

Accommodation Times National Awards had finally arrived on the national scene. Newspapers such as Times of India, Mid Day, Afternoon, many other leading dailies and periodicals started acknowledging the immense contribution the Chaturvedis were making thru their individual expertise and their super hit Real Estate Newspaper "The Accommodation Times".

The Accommodation Times national awards soon became a national event, mainstream media started featuring the awardees and the list of nominations year by year increased. The jury which comprised of the dozens of the construction and architectural industry distributed awards for the projects and achievers within the industry and also to the new upcoming companies of builders, interior designers and Realtors.

Accommodation Times National Awards became the first of its kind, which surfed the market for new leaders and achievers. It had never happened before.

Shri. Ajay Chaturvedi Ji took upon himself to gather real-time market news and became an analyst of sorts. His friendly and warm personality brought many many more followers to the already established AT Family, Murari Chaturvediji, the patriarch focused on the editorial along with the energetic contribution of his another able son, Sanjay Chaturvedi Ji, whereas Ajay Ji focused on market research, surveys, educational seminars and PR activities.

Day by day, year by year the power of the Chaturvedis grew ten fold, it didn't just happen because of the kind of persona they carried, it was actually for the immense warmth, business attributes and works ethics they emitted.

The man who never sold his pen was now the one to hold a pen forever in the service of the industry he so deserved to be part of, Murari Chaturvediji had become an happy man, his dreams fulfilled, his vision manifested. His sons now completely ready to take the AT Parivaar to the next level.

He understood, that there is not a single construction house who does not want a recognition from the Accommodation Times National Awards, everyone is striving to better their work and in a healthy and competitive environment, year after year wants to garner more name and fame as they go on to receive awards after awards for their excellence.

From Hiranandanis to Nahars, From Rustomjee to Kalpatarus, everyone wants to compete for the Accommodation Times National Awards, such is the glory of this fair practice of acknowledging precedence in form of an national recognition.

For the entire fraternity of Real Estate, To be given an acknowledgement for their dedicated work annually has become the most sought-after time of the year. The month of February and March is now eagerly awaited by one and all and it is not just for an award, it is the coming together of people from the most influential industry in India to present it's merit listers with a glorious take away, that which could be taken to their office and placed on the most grandest of altars and shown off as fruit of honest labour.

Some of us would have a straight question to ask, and that is, why an award? Why should we be awarded? Or is it necessary?

And the straight answer would be "Why Not?

Does a scholar in a school dither from accepting excellence in form of a certificate or a memento, on an annual day? Does a noble laureate shy from getting acknowledged? Do doctors and CAs resist putting up of their credentials on the wall of their offices? Do we hold ourselves from posting our achievements on social media? than why do we shy away from receiving nomination or for that matter, receiving awards.

Actually, What are awards? Honestly they are received by people who work their way up to the pedestal of achievement, an healthy competition is a great one, awards bring excellence out in the open for all to see and say wow to.

Let's say, If Bahubali, the Indian movie garnered a whooping collection of money ever dreamt off in Indian cinema and having received the appreciation that they have for making an outstanding classic, would they excuse themselves from taking a bow at the annual awards? No! No! Well No!

Real Estate is serious business it's not an entertainment arena, but that does not mean that we must not accept awards or feel let down after not been given one, even if we would be nominated.

Nomination in itself is an award, it goes on to show that, we have done the best we could, that we deserve an acknowledgement, and to think of this as being selfish?

No, definitely Not, in fact it would be silly if we didn't.

Let's face facts, people who work and work better than the best, achieve the best than the bestest have.

So go ahead start working to create healthy competition, work better to inspire others around for some of who could be silent heroes, compete and work better to tell everyone that, yes I believe in giving my best! Emanate passion and dedication, enable your thought mechanism to swing this way and see the magic unfold.

Accommodation Times Annual National Award Trophy adorns in the House of Hiranandani, Kalpatarus, Gundechas, Oberois, Nahars, Rahejas, Lokhandwalas, Majhetias, Mantris, Sinhas, Sanghavis, Sutharias, Hafeez Contractors, Wadhwanis and the list is endless.

Would it not be of our utmost desire to become part of this glorious circle of winners and stand hand in hand with them to take a bow, from the people we look up-to? or from the people we serve day in and day out?

Would it not be of our interest to atleast go and witness by being an audience in the gathering of the lords of real estate and the industry agencies and gain access to their knowledge and experience that too free of charge?

What are we waiting for?

At PROPERTYMAN, Our National Awards are Our Priced Possession, we shine them, we show them off, we make sure we mention them whenever and wherever possible and you know what? It feels special! It feels limitless!! It feels Honoured!

So go ahead do good work and leave the rest for the jury to decide.

Work Honest, Work Sincere, Work as if noones watching you!


Jayesh Ganatra Propertyman

2 times National Award Winner

Our Testimonials

Jairaj Phatak

Municipal Commissioner - Mumbai Municipal Corporation

" I have started reading Accommodation Times even before I became Municipal Commissioner. I keep paper cutting for my reference, even today "

Niranjan Hiranandani

MD Hiranandani Construction Ltd. and Past president MCHI.

" Accommodationt Times is india's first and oldest newspaper started in 1986 when no other media was present in this sector. "

Hormusji Cama

President The Indian Newspaper Society and Chairman Mumbai Samachar group.

" Accommodation Tiemes is the most ethical newspaper with most authenticated news in real estate, in today's environment. "

j. Milap Chandra Jain

Justice (Rtd.) Jaipur

" Accommodation Times is a esteemed newspaper on real estate. "

Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi

Ex head of National Institute of Capital Markets promoted by SEBI.

" Accommodation Times is the source of information for researcher's like me and the only source of information which is well validated and authentic in real estate. "

Bortin Banerjee

Managing Director & CEO Tata Hsg. Dev. Co. Ltd.

" We would like to thank Accommodation Times and the Jury members for selecting Xylem the first LEED gold Rated IP Park in Bangalore as the project of the year. "

Mr. Pravin Doshi

President - MCHI

" It is great pleasures that every year you have been celebrating Annual Anniversary and will also appreciates by recognizing the work done by different builders. "As the president of MCHI, I thank you for the same and I will Extend my full support to you and i recognize your services to Building Industry. "

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